Saturday, February 25, 2006

the worrying trend

It is severely obvious that our class has a high casualty rate. This trend was discovered after Fun-o-rama. These last few weeks before terms is quite crucial, thus lessons should not be missed (even PE lessons). In light of this, here is what i recommend:

1. Do not sleep after 12mn (this would also encourage self-discipline and greater work efficiency during ur waking hours)

2. Drink lots and lots of water (do not worry about overdrinking, it takes abt 23 gallons of water drank non-stop to cause brain damage)

3. Exercise (thus the need for PE since u wont exercise at such a rate on ur own anyway)

4. Eat at least one meal of porridge a day (this is to guard against stomach problems as the rice water of porridge does help the stomach)

5. Do not worry unduly (even if u feel there is no way to catch up in studies, remember that there will be things that u can still do in education on ur own, only after knowing what u do know can u find out and learn what u dont)

6. Eat fruits everyday ( u know that saying about the apple? you better believe it)

7. Eat ur vegetables ( fibre will help u remove waste easily when u really need to)

8. Make fun of Shadrach ( he is the CF prez)

9. Bathe after PE ( seriously JUST DO IT)

10. Mug everyday ( at least u have a sense that u are doing sumthing to help urself, relieves stress)

Hopefully seoners will treat this seriously. The syllabus tested in terms is short and very recent, it would not be that hard to pass. All the best guys.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

back to school

as much as i would not like to post and push all those wonderful pictures down because of the new post, i have to. like there are two urgent issues that we should settle soon or forever regret not doing so.

1) SJI (the juniors only have a week left and some of them may not be in the same class/school anymore)
2) Class T-Shirt (YES, wouldnt that be nice, maybe we can cut the banner up into 25 small pieces and make shirts outta them)

so if you guys have any suggestions for SJI like what to do and where to go etc please suggest soon and we should start tee shirt design soon so we can make it after terms and have at least 8 months to wear it. yes people, only 8 months left, february is gone, 20% of the A level race is over. but then again that means we only have 8 months left together :(

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Eighteen, on the Eighteenth

I think it's pointless to use LJ just because there are only 2 people in the whole class using. But nevermind already.

Anyway, I've decided to upload most of my photos here to share, because I don't know where else to upload them.

And because I'm like super lazy, I think captions will do just fine. No storytelling.

Pre - FunORama

Squash @ 2.10ac


Gaius's sketch

Painting on the banner cloth, as well as our shirts and pants.

Completed banner! Looks nice, with Chicken Little crawling ala Ju-On/The Ring.



and more final preparations.

Not forgetting some face paint and photo-whoring.

The crowd flocking in!

LoyKee Best Chicken Rice. So artistic sia.

Dunking booth


Ngoei's Nightmare!

Clarissa Poh? No more!

Shameless photo-whores (not Andre)

Shadrach, Jill and Me!

My face unceremoniosly cut off. Yay. Great.

A few shout-outs: Lots of thanks to Weizhi, Jill and SA1 for the success of the dunking booth; to Rebecca for her great organisation skills for the food stall; to Zhihuan for selling the rice balls from 11+ till 5+ (his motive, we all can guess); to Mdm Joyce Low and her hubby for their help; and to the rest of the class for the great support. Cliche as it sounds, it wouldn't have been possible without you all. I'm sure everyone contributed in one way or another :)

Let's rejoice in SEone spirit!

Hello class! Erm, since nobody is blogging, and FOR just ended, and I have pictures from yesterday, I shall update this class blog :D
And I still think LJ is BETTER but nevermind already.

HA! Erm artyarty shot of DX with the coloured paper Jill and I tore to decorate the booth. Kinda chinese-y war-like.

Oh mytallfriend(TING)! I didn't go to the haunted house so here's a picture for those of you who went :D

Me, and Arthur and Rebecca with their face paint.

And yay! A class picture with our chicken rice balls banner before dismissal.

And finally to end off, Happy Birthday Quekkie <3
Good job to everyone in the class (including Mdm and her husband) for helping to make our stalls a success (:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stay together team.

Okay, guess it's time to raise spirits and stuff before we all fatally break down right before funorama. We all know that our nerves are frayed, our terms are near and we've still in the midst of funorama preparation but we're all in se1 aren't we? We're as jill points out, the first and only complete se1 class. So we'll just try our best and see how things go. As of now, the video is almost done here. I know the cameraman sucks but hey, it's not my regular job kay? Both banners are more or less completed. Great job, gals (and guys). Here's to a successful funorama! If it takes our lives, we'll still fight to build that pillar rite =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

we is all owning this fun o rama together yah?

yay! 4 days to FOR, have you sold your coupons? please people do your bestest to sell more coupons and we might hit 5 digit sales! just call like all your friends cause i did that and it worked. and for like those people who really cant sell you can pass your coupons to me and i might be able to find some buyers.

don't give up people! our stalls have the potential to raise loads of money so if we all put in t3h effort we will get t3h returns. then one day 20 years down the road we can look at the CPA and say, "hah, i built that pillar", or something like that.

and when u are feeling down you can always do the enthu chant :)
its real simple it goes like :
gimme a E!
gimme a N!
gimme a T!
gimme a H!
gimme a U!
what do we get?

oh and since its valentines day today, i made a poem dedicated to all of you especially the dota players since yesterday was the last dota outing...

roses are red,
violets are blue,
my micro is great,
and yours is just fake.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

^ ^

Um hullo. :) Because Blogger sucks and I don't know how to use it, I've uploaded most of the photographs from the back of 2.10ac onto this thing, okay? Yay!

So, um, yes, you can get the pictures there. If you want a larger version of any of them, just email me or comment here or comment there or anything OR you can just tell me in school, mmhm! Or if you want any of photographs that you know I have but that I haven't uploaded. Yeah.

I know it's kind of plain but ah, it is functional and plus I have no time to make it pretty since it took me two days just to upload 45 pictures with my HORRID HORRID Internet connection that disconnects every 10 minutes. :(

ANYWAY. Thank you Shaunie, it was very nice of you to stay with the girls till so late, by the way. :) And the banner is super super awesome! :D

... Anyone who dares say otherwise will be BEATEN TO A PULP and yes, this means you, Quincy Quek if you read this. Rrr.


Anyway, just to inform you guys that our food stall will be situated in the hub.

Yes, it's a sucky place, I know. I wonder if anyone would wanna pop by the hub when all the activities are situated outside.

As such, I think we should put in more effort on publicity! Like, maybe we can put on costumes like that Chicky Club thingy from KFC, and walk around school advertising.

Or maybe we ask the girls in our class to dress up as chicks. But that's abit hard?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

my maiden post on this blog omg

So like yesterday we stayed back to complete the dunking banner and i must say it looks quite t3h uber now.

A big Thankew all the people who stayed back to help like michelle, jill, yeecheng, lihao, quincy, shuhan,weizhi, zhen hao and SAone girl who's name i dont know. And im sure the rest of you who couldnt stay back had really good reasons not to help right?

Lets all work hard this coming week to sell more coupons, get our stalls up and etc.. then all our fund raising efforts wont go to waste. Come on peoples only 7 days left we must all be more enthu so that we can enjoy ourselves on the big day!!

IT is also 11th feb today, our planned date with our juniors... what a failure it turned out to be, stupid o level results, but nevermind that, we shall organise another one properly after fun o rama.

ok so study hard and remember to finish the hydroxy compounds tutorial this weekend but seriously i would do the alternating current tutorial first cause like physics > 2000 chem. lol

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The BBQ Class Outing That Never Happened

Greetings SEONERs!

Well, I guess I should blog about our "class outing" on Saturday, since I'm the only one with the pictures.

Blames to GaryChan for not booking a BBQ pit earlier. We ended up busting our money on movies. Attendance was dismal, due to all the very last minute changes :(

We ended up in Plaza Singapura. Come to think of it, our class outings has always been around Dhoby Ghaut. I don't think we ever did hang around near Orchard.

I was so afraid that the Malay guy will run away with my camera when he took this picture. He looked real scary.

We had our picnic outside Watson's. It was so weird.

Yummy Pastamania Country Baked Rice :)

And then all of us had fun with our dicks watched Fun With Dick and Jane. Not a bad movie.

I don't really have the mood to compose a long blog entry now, so let me just end this post with YeeCheng's face with a somewhat distorted mouth.

Guys, do keep this blog alive by posting frequently! It's our online 2.10 :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006


A coup is in progress as this post is being written. Weizhi, who had recently emigrated to the kingdom, led a local uprising against the co-leaders of the country, stating that this un-heterosexual sharing of power between two men was not healthy for the youngsters in the kingdom. (In other words our junior class)

"We believe that what goes on behind close doors should remain behind closed doors. There's no need to flaunt it in public," a spokesman commented.

Former-King Arthur has fled the kingdom but plans to return with a vengeance over the weekend, "That's the longest period of time I can bear to spend in Malaysia anyway."

Ex-King Shaun remains in hiding, though unsubstantiated reports state that he is squirreled away with his DoTA gear in an undisclosed location, preparing to 'KS' anyone who comes too near him.

The post of supreme leader has been left vacant, but when this reporter asked the spokesperson for more details, he declined to reply, instead muttering the words 'shaggy' and 'harem' before making a hurried escape. The local bookmakers have already installed purple hairy monster Barney as the most likely contender at 3-1 following these latest revelations.

Members of the public are advised to stay indoors till Funorama or term exams, whichever comes first. In other words, there will no longer be any need to turn up for mass PE or cross-country. Studying for tomorrow's Physics test however, would be a good idea.