Monday, January 08, 2007


... BECAUSE I HATE BLOGSPOT! :D :D ARE YOU NOT EXCITED AND THRILLED BEYOND WORDS? Also Yee-Cheng says I can do this because hardly anyone is posting here. And we love LJ. And LJ > Blogspot.


GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. i know the layout is ugly GIVE ME TIME and ignore it, plz!!!! lol. besides everyone hates this layout too so it's all the same ^ ^

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Arthur told me to blog..........

well we had a very successful class outing at that jap restaurant at hanabi. I thank the organisers, and of course everyone who made the effort to go even if not as punctual as desired. Hopefully we will have a chalet together soon. Apart from the fact i lost my towel there i think it was generally fun. So like i know everyone is doing their own thing right now--like Siew Kay and her stressful desk job at CREATIVE LABS-- but please try to keep in touch yah.This blog was made for that purpose. Shaun we all secretly mourn the death of Sadam, just that we try not to show it. THere is no such thing as true freedom, being politically correct is practical, and pragmatism is the best excuse for anything. Many thx to Jill for providing stars to paste onto our starless nights, but i am afraid they dont work that way. The thought is what counts :D. oh and dun ever use this XD smiley its juz ugly. Well good luck to all your future endeavours, may buddha be with you and the best is yet to be.