Wednesday, August 30, 2006

teachers day

hey people, remember to bring $2.40 tomorrow and also to come earlier like maybe around 7 to sign the teachers day cards. see like even if everyone only takes a minute to sign the cards, its gonna take 20 minutes, and we have like 3 cards, so do try to be early.

remember, this will be our last teacher's day. i think our class is truly blessed to have caring and nice tutors. so i just think maybe we should all make the extra effort to come to school earlier and sign the cards. you know, show them that we appreciate everything they've done for us. thanks guys :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Oh hello fellow humans it's my turn!

Q1. Jill smses Yee-Cheng one day "AYE AYE GUESS WHO I JUST SAW?" Yee-Cheng replies, "OMG OMG ERM ERM GWEE??!!" Jill, " NO! NO! YOUR FAVOURITE BOY!!"
...then again, who IS your FRIGGING FAVOURITE BOY ANYWAY??!

Okay anyway she saw Daniel. (NO COMMENTS.) But the point is no I am not friggin' boy crazy and I do not have like FIVE THOUSAND DING DINGS AND SHINIES. And unlike the theory conjured up by Zhi Huan's warped mind I have no interest in stupid jocks either. OKAY YA NOT ALL JOCKS ARE STUPID but I've concluded over time that males tend to have their egos and body masses in like a, erm, directly proportional relationship.
Like okay ya there WAS a lot of gushing but most of the time it's just something I do to distract myself from like - the one who really matters. And I'm just generally screwed up cos of things with my father. Like I secretly hate men(??!!???!!). Okay sounds rather impossible but yeah. That's why I tend to, erm, lose it and snap and all that and get pissed off on a rather frequent basis with the boys in class. I AM SO SORRY.
And back to the who is your friggin favourite boy... there's just one lah so yeah nevermind for now. AND YAR FYI IT'S NOT THE NAME OF THE STUPID PERSON of the password to my stupid IMAGE HOSTING ACCOUNT OKAY. Like even though people become jaded over time about relationships I still BELIEVE that God has someone perfect for you. And the boys in our class are NICE and, yeah one day you'll find some girl who can take all the shit you do and say and think it's perfectly fine. And you'll feel like, your shortcomings and flaws are nothing. Cos she makes you out to be okay.

No I'm not any of the above and I know there was a period of time I cried like, everyday or something in class. I know some people know but some don't and some probably SECRETLY KNOW but anyway I am okay. I am ALWAYS OKAY, like I told Jill. Like shit may happen to you but like hey tomorrow's a new day and if that shit is really so SHITARDED and it depresses you, there's no point in carrying it along with you all the time. MOVE ON!
As in, I like our class. They don't act like they don't give a shit about you. And the boys always have tissue to offer (:
And yeah it wasn't some emo-relationship-related thing...
Like this isn't the first time - the whole cry everyday in school thing. At least I know what was I sad about y'know, like it was just an ongoing daily attack on my psychological balance or something. But the point is, I've been thru worse. So, it's okay (:
Oh, and I'm like totally freaky because I always try to be my own shrink and reason and even out my own, erm, emotional/psychological imbalance.

Q3. Know what my friends think you're like kinda weird.
Okay yeah I am I know as in, I am not a very normal girl and I don't really like very normal girl liked activities. As in, for example, I still like shopping, but I don't like to like shop with people most of the time. It's better off for me to be alone cos I get irritated with impulsive shoppers, even my friends at times.
And yeah there are plenty of other YEECHENG IS WEIRD examples but no point in my bringing up more. I think since SECTHREE I've given up on the whole PLEASE OH PLEASE ACCEPT ME INTO YOUR CLIQUE kinda mentality. It's okay that I like strange cutesy things instead of like all the cool stuff. It's okay that I don't hang a whole lot of fasionable accessories over me just cos they are IN. Like, hello! IT'S OKAY TO BE WHO YOU ARE :D

Goodbye for now much LOVE!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ask Arthur

You know, I don't think this blog is dead or whatever. But the skin is utterly disappealing. It looks so morbid.

But anyway, I kindda like DX's IFAQs (In-Frequently Asked Questions) section. It's fresh and interesting! I wanna do the same!

May I present my column: ASK ARTHUR!


Okay, firstly, that's not even a question, dimwit. So what's there to answer? I assume that you cursed at me cos you're jealous of me not having to serve 2 years of compulsory NS(if you're a guy). Well, but it's not like you're gonna enjoy Malaysia's 3-month "adventure camp" anyway, unless you really like those "adventurous" stuff like learning how to throw sticks at your enemies in war, getting raped and listen to Malay 24/7. Thank goodness I don't have to go through that.

But to be fair, being a Malaysian is not all that bad. Things here are pretty cheap and food's great! Retired politicians are not-bad entertainers (read: Mahatir). Haha! But I don't really enjoy the rampant street thefts and murders going on here. Oh, and the lousy local TV shows. It's worse than MediaCorp.

Q: Arthur, who's your favourite golfer?

Yes, I do watch golf! Only when there's nothing on television. Like, I was nocturnal for the whole of June, and the only thing that I did was watch golf. It's quite interesting actually. I like Adam Scott, but my favourite has to be Michelle Wie cos she's sizzling! Quincy's waaaay hotter. Like HAWT! But I haven't seen him play. So, yeah.

Anyway, I'm thinking of inviting you guys to come over to JB and spend a day at CitySquare, the mall just beside the customs. It's actually quite convenient, and we can watch movies at insanely low prices. Anyone interested? Want consent forms?

keep the blog alive

so like shaun told me to keep the blog alive by posting sumthing. when i asked him what to post he said sumthing abt me. so like whatever.

personally, to add on to what zheng hao said about our class being gosu and all, i think we got pure pwnage teachers( even if at times one their lessons suck to the khor). We generally have very enjoyable lessons. Non and i mean NON of our lessons end without a joke, a laugh, a smile. the only reason why i only put madam's pic on our class page was due to the lack of space and the fear of being bias to certain teachers, otherwise i would have put them all in.

SO like unpopular questions that people do not like to ask me:
ANS: 18 levels of hell yeah. But i have grown up in a very christian environment. My childcare centre was run by christians, before every meal there i said grace.But i din noe what grace was until i was in primary 4.In primary 4 my form teacher was constantly sharing her church and christian experiences with the class.She was nice.After which i went to ACS(I), which wasnt much of a buddhist haven either. From there i got my foundation of what christianity was, that basic knowledge i still use today. Then there is ACJC, where like ACS(I) i cannot pon chapel, and other the constant influence of a form teacher in-charge of the CHRISITIAN FELLOWSHIP. OWNAGE! so yeah 10 plus years under christian influence and i am still buddhist. If u ask me YTF i believe in it, or what is there to believe in it, i dont really have a good reason for you, perhaps i believe in action and consequence, and that it is only human to have a good and bad side, u juz strive to do as much good as u can.

ok that was long....
Q2.DO U HAVE A GF?If not, are u gay?
ANS:NO.NO. i swear on anything that can be sweared upon, at the time of this blog i do not have a GF. I do wonder if i am gay at times too, especially since i piss off chio bus on a frequent basis, but when guanyi touches me to tell me the truth about himself, i realise that i am not. I naturally have girls i like, a girl i have particular interest in. I convince myself that it is only practical not to pursue a relationship now, to a vague extent it is true, but when the time comes will i be able to? Will i be able to gel my hair, get nice clothes, get contact lenses and cut off the suaning half of my tongue when i want to seriously get a girl? LOL perhaps not.

well thaz all i will give the classblog this time. This should be more than enuff for substantial suanning material against me. happy now shaun? after pushing my class page out of the picture and making me write this blog. u happy now?

Thursday, August 17, 2006


some things you might not know now but will want to before tomorrow:
like losers, these topics are often sidelined.

1. Wheatstone bridge circuit
2. Eddy currents
3. Beta + and beta - decays
4. Hall Effect

Shaun's Gosu Question Of The Day (Stolen from Raffles prelim paper)

A ball was dropped from a window of an apartment located at the 10th sotry of a building. After 1 second, it was observed to have fallen 2 storeys. At which storey will be ball be 2 seconds after it was released?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8

The answer is the same alphabet as the 8th alphabet in the title of the august 9th post.

ok, good luck for tmr!

Monday, August 14, 2006

My bad.

Um. Yea. My mistake.

OK, actually, like, so. Ahem.

Yes! Whatever I said about being really like each other still stands, because, you see, when Shaun is really thinking about what he says, he actually sounds like Jill!(Mm you two should see this as some sort of compliment, not an insult.)

OK I shall sign off now in case I make any more silly mistakes.

The Class

Hey guys this is like the first time I'm actually blogging on this thing, and I just wanted to point out that Shaun Tham's blog posted nearly exactly the same entry about the poem 'Rabbi Ben Ezra' in April 2005. I know he posted it more than a year ago, but I find it damn cool because I was randomly looking around blogs and I found it, just when Jill posted it. Um, ok maybe it's not very coincidental or anything. But I still think it's cool.

And so this just occured to me, I think I saw somewhere on this blog about how SOMEONE (I can't really remember who it is right now. Don't worry I don't really hate you or anything) thinks that this blog is just going to die very soon after we stop going to school, and we're just going to let it rot in virtual space. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Our class really rocks. It's not like I'm saying it just because I'm in it, but I really feel that our class is much more united than most other classes. Remember that time when we were having our class photo-taking, and like we were like taking forever to come up with a pose? My theory about why we took so long was because our class has no real cliques. That is really amazing. It's like our class is one BIG clique. Can you imagine, when other classes divide themselves and distance themselves and create rivalries, we SE1, are simply ONE.

Oh, and why I mentioned the poem. I just want to point out that we really think alike sometimes. It's like, sometimes I feel that we have a distinct class mentality, like an extended thought or feeling that is felt between most of us throughout a period of time, like maybe "oh my god I can't stand the sight of another cheese puff" or "alright! friday! end school, go home, dota" (ok for the guys. Some of the guys). So the poem really made me feel that class-mentality thing, because I think Shaun and Jill posted exactly the same bit of the poem. The fact that it was posted more than a year apart doesn't diminish the magic.

So, on the eve of the beginning of the penultimate end (go look it up), I want to tell all those from our class to actually read the class blog that our class is one of a kind, we've really shared our blood and tears and love and money and TYS, and told our stories, and listened to other's stories, played with cubes, played with dota, played with sudoku, played floorball and captain's ball and hockey and ultimate frisbee and tennis and soccer football and touch rug, had succesful class outings, did chin-ups, mugged, took photos,MUGGED, beat each other up, and loved each other.

So I don't know about you guys, but these memories will stay with me forever.

Thank you.

-Zheng Hao

P.S. I'm not going to commit suicide or anything.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006




Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Robert Browning

Speaking of poets (ahem!), just something that might interest you guys. This is the link poem 'Rabbi Ben Ezra" by Robert Browning, from which our school motto the best is yet to be was taken from. (in those days they didnt have intellectual copyright laws, haha)

Its a pretty long poem, but its quite meaningful. To tempt you guys into reading it heres the exerpt where our school motto was taken from:

Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be,
The last of life, for which the first was made:
Our times are in His hand
Who saith 'A whole I planned,
Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid!'

ok la sorry dx, i didnt mean to push your nice class page out of sight with this post.