Monday, January 08, 2007


... BECAUSE I HATE BLOGSPOT! :D :D ARE YOU NOT EXCITED AND THRILLED BEYOND WORDS? Also Yee-Cheng says I can do this because hardly anyone is posting here. And we love LJ. And LJ > Blogspot.


GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. i know the layout is ugly GIVE ME TIME and ignore it, plz!!!! lol. besides everyone hates this layout too so it's all the same ^ ^

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Arthur told me to blog..........

well we had a very successful class outing at that jap restaurant at hanabi. I thank the organisers, and of course everyone who made the effort to go even if not as punctual as desired. Hopefully we will have a chalet together soon. Apart from the fact i lost my towel there i think it was generally fun. So like i know everyone is doing their own thing right now--like Siew Kay and her stressful desk job at CREATIVE LABS-- but please try to keep in touch yah.This blog was made for that purpose. Shaun we all secretly mourn the death of Sadam, just that we try not to show it. THere is no such thing as true freedom, being politically correct is practical, and pragmatism is the best excuse for anything. Many thx to Jill for providing stars to paste onto our starless nights, but i am afraid they dont work that way. The thought is what counts :D. oh and dun ever use this XD smiley its juz ugly. Well good luck to all your future endeavours, may buddha be with you and the best is yet to be.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Filler Post

NSRCC is HAUNTED... by kawaii-nehs!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


First of all: CONGRATULATIONS AND SALUTATIONS to everyone; we did it and it's over! Yes, okay, it does mean that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING we do now will salvage our (hopefully not, but possibly dismal) grades, save infiltrating the SEAB or... Cambridge examiners' homes. EITHER WAY, IT'S SO OVER, WHICH MEANS WE HAVE LIVES AGAIN!!!! ^ ^

And that's always a great thing.

Second of all: Regarding Post-Prom Plans! I know I said my parents would let you guys crash at my place after Seniors' Night, but the thing is we expected to move in a lot sooner than we actually ARE GOING TO, because the builders and interior designers are like, totally behind schedule. Also I think my parents worry for their fresh $5000 sofas being drenched in Boy-Sweat-And-Grime. ANYWAY, so basically I'm awfully sorry, and so are my parents but we DO have to find alternative plans for that night. Guanyi's place again? Or something? I think it's probably too late to try to get a hotel room. Of course we could all just be NORMAL PEOPLE and go home to SLEEP. Or um go out and club, or something. I don't know. SUGGESTIONS, anyone?

If it's any consolation, my parents said they may fund us food/whatever during our chalet stay. As in, I think the total fee will be approximately $450 for the bungalow alone, then plus ordering food in or whatever or whatever, the cost will be pretty great, so they said everyone can bring like $20 (We have, what, 15-20 people, right?) and they MAY provide the rest. They offered it but I'm NOT so sure about the details yet. Anyway yeah. That can be confirmed later okay?

All right, that's all I have to say. GO HAVE FUN EVERYONE :D

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


so like GEE PEE is in less than 50 hours time and everyone is freaking out because they're not ready so they probably wont bother to read this post but still, i thought i'd just compose something short (to prepare for GP right, just write anything u can).

ok la its not even a composition because theres no structure i was just thinking maybe our whole class should agree that we go for dinner after the last paper. we'll decide nearer the date because we should just mug now and forget everything else. but i think a class dinner will be good, it'll kinda be like the last time we'll dine together as a class and etc.

ok thats it, im going back to hit the books.

but remember:
you cant spell LAW without an "A"
you cant spell BUSINESS without a "B"
you cant spell CMI without a "C"
you cant spell DOG TRAINING without a "D"
you cant spell ENGINEERING without an "E"
and you cant spell FAILURE without a "U R A"

haha ok im joking about the last one. i dont think we can ever fail anything at A levels (except chinese, sorry madam). and anyways i seriously believe in our whole class that we can do well, my sacarstic front is really only a facade.

OK cheers guys, and good luck

Saturday, October 21, 2006


We have our chalet! 6th to 8th of December, 2006 - EVERYONE BE THERE! Whatever else details will be finalised post-17th of November. :) Don't leave the country!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


What happened to all the pictures we took? I thought we used to post 'em up after every phototaking sessions. Anyway, let me dump some pics here.

Study hard kids! 15days left.

Friday, October 06, 2006


hey guys i checked already. the nsrcc resort is $380 a night for normal people like us, $336 for safra members, $216 for nsrcc members. if like 20 of us go it should be pretty cheap once we split up the price.

so like, there arent many free time slots left for the bungalows on the 6th and 7th of december i think we gotta book soon. facilities at the chalet include full air conditioning, cable tv, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and etc. essentially, we just want to have a good time together as a class and celebrate (hopefully) our successful A level examination attempt.

please indicate in the tagboard if you are interested in coming, if the dates are fine with you (actually i think 6th and 7th is the best because its when most of us are still in singapore), and how many days you're prepared to stay (since we're not going to sleep 2 days are enough already right?).

thanks for your cooperation. so now like we own the A levels right.....................