Tuesday, October 31, 2006


so like GEE PEE is in less than 50 hours time and everyone is freaking out because they're not ready so they probably wont bother to read this post but still, i thought i'd just compose something short (to prepare for GP right, just write anything u can).

ok la its not even a composition because theres no structure i was just thinking maybe our whole class should agree that we go for dinner after the last paper. we'll decide nearer the date because we should just mug now and forget everything else. but i think a class dinner will be good, it'll kinda be like the last time we'll dine together as a class and etc.

ok thats it, im going back to hit the books.

but remember:
you cant spell LAW without an "A"
you cant spell BUSINESS without a "B"
you cant spell CMI without a "C"
you cant spell DOG TRAINING without a "D"
you cant spell ENGINEERING without an "E"
and you cant spell FAILURE without a "U R A"

haha ok im joking about the last one. i dont think we can ever fail anything at A levels (except chinese, sorry madam). and anyways i seriously believe in our whole class that we can do well, my sacarstic front is really only a facade.

OK cheers guys, and good luck