Monday, April 03, 2006

hello. its been long since a post was last made on this blog, which is sad, but nevermind that. lets talk about terms.

how were your term exam grades? did you think you could have done better? maybe we all needed this exam to wake up, i really wish that we can all work hard and do well for A levels together. like, suprise the administration when 20 people from our class get 3A's and stuff. why must we do badly because being in SE characterizes us to do so? we dont have to get a mean subject grade of 2.5 just because the projected scores show we will.

actually its not that hard, everyone aims for 3A's, just that they always fall short of it. so all we have to do is aim and make sure we get it. just imagine how good it'll feel to go on stage to collect your A level certs, together with the rest of your class.

maybe its like zhihuan says, wishful thinking, but i really think our entire class can do it. we start now, then we wont panic later, then we will be ready, then we will own. come on guys we can do it. start today :)