Sunday, November 19, 2006


First of all: CONGRATULATIONS AND SALUTATIONS to everyone; we did it and it's over! Yes, okay, it does mean that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING we do now will salvage our (hopefully not, but possibly dismal) grades, save infiltrating the SEAB or... Cambridge examiners' homes. EITHER WAY, IT'S SO OVER, WHICH MEANS WE HAVE LIVES AGAIN!!!! ^ ^

And that's always a great thing.

Second of all: Regarding Post-Prom Plans! I know I said my parents would let you guys crash at my place after Seniors' Night, but the thing is we expected to move in a lot sooner than we actually ARE GOING TO, because the builders and interior designers are like, totally behind schedule. Also I think my parents worry for their fresh $5000 sofas being drenched in Boy-Sweat-And-Grime. ANYWAY, so basically I'm awfully sorry, and so are my parents but we DO have to find alternative plans for that night. Guanyi's place again? Or something? I think it's probably too late to try to get a hotel room. Of course we could all just be NORMAL PEOPLE and go home to SLEEP. Or um go out and club, or something. I don't know. SUGGESTIONS, anyone?

If it's any consolation, my parents said they may fund us food/whatever during our chalet stay. As in, I think the total fee will be approximately $450 for the bungalow alone, then plus ordering food in or whatever or whatever, the cost will be pretty great, so they said everyone can bring like $20 (We have, what, 15-20 people, right?) and they MAY provide the rest. They offered it but I'm NOT so sure about the details yet. Anyway yeah. That can be confirmed later okay?

All right, that's all I have to say. GO HAVE FUN EVERYONE :D